Tesla Share Price – Surpasses GM and Ford To Become Most Valued Car Company in US

Tesla now becomes Most Valued Car Company in the United States.

Tesla becomes most valued car company in us - tesla share price

It sounds astounding but became true when shares of Tesla Incorporation(TSLA – Indice NASDAQ) touched a New High of $300 USD per Share. It surpassed one of the Biggest Autos General Motors and Ford in the United States to reach the number 1 spot.

Let’s Talk Volume – Production Numbers Highlight the Irony!

The irony being the fact that Tesla Sold 76,000 Cars in 2016 compared to Ford’s 17.5 Million! and General Motors selling 10 Million in 2016 alone!

In addition to that, General Motors Earned $4.6 Billion and the Ford earning $9.4 Billion in Profits in 2016! So what’s tipping point? Why the Tesla’s Loss of $690 Million in 2016 outrages the astoundingly high numbers of those Blue Chips Companies?

tesla share price

Sounds Amazing? Don’t be too excited as many analysts predict it to be a Bubble just like the whole stock market is Bullish right now. And the fact the Tesla being the Underdog company is enjoying their success by sharing their story of being Dejected by all. Even the Blue Chip companies denied their models and expectations and moved on. But as we all know, Elon Musk’s Intense vision keeps drawing Investors and pushing the Limits of this Technological Era.

Let’s Talk Statistics – Tesla Becomes Most Valued Car Company In US

I refer to some statistics below to derive conclusions form the figures. Do note if you wish you read that stock yourself, just click on the Images and it will lead you directly to the Stock (TSLA) Statistics.

tesla share price

Above you see the Shares of Tesla Incorporation rising to a new High ahead of their Tesla Model 3 Launch, the most budget friendly offering at an astounding price of $35,000 which would translate to ₹25 Lakh. But as we all are aware of the Excessively High Import duties slapped by the Indian Government on Foreign Companies to Improve Trade Deficit, the car would come to India somewhere between ₹35 Lakh to ₹40 Lakh.

tesla share price

Tesla’s shares soared almost 30% in a Year. And this stock is said to be quite Liquid with even one or two month difference increasing that YOY Growth number from 30% to even 60%.

But there exists a lot of Sceptical theories Behind this. Most of the Analysts agree that the Share price is Inflated like a Balloon and would surely Burst soon. Just like the Housing Crisis and Dot Com Bubble, analysts predict that the Stock Market would soon suffer a low.tesla share price

But as far as Indian Market is concerned, Sensex soared to a New High of 30,000 which is probably solid and confirmed by many agencies that it would surely rise further due to the ongoing efforts by the Government and Individuals.

Till then, Stay Inspired!

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