Macro Vision for Future and Micro Vision in Day to Day Tasks

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In this short post, I am sharing with you an important quality of an Entrepreneur. And this is carrying a Macro Vision for the Future expectations and doing all your day to day tasks with Micro Vision that demands best possible speed and efficiency. Note that I didn’t write maximum speed and efficiency because accept it, we need to work hard but to stabilise that, we need to spend time with our families and give time to other important, not skippable priorities like maintaining a good fitness regime.

Micro Vision for Future and Micro for Day to Day Tsasks - Startup Archive

We all tend to work hard from the realisation we get into ourselves from an outside source and the graph declines thereafter. We should not focus putting all our energy into the first week or month, we need to carry a balance and take it to the best possible fit.

Normal Person's Productivity Graph - Startup ArchiveAn Entrepreneur's Productivity Graph - Startup ArchiveAccept it, if your Business is new, it will require you to put in more time and efforts. Take it this way, starting and growing a business requires proper time, planning and efforts. That too only those which drive results. Running a Business requires nurturing. To its inception, you are required to put in the correct amount of time and capital at each step and when you’ve grown it big enough, it gets independent and you need give it your shelter.Aka, the Breakthrough moment which is getting scarce these days taking into notice the

Aka, the Breakthrough moment which is getting scarce these days taking into notice the newborn startups that recruit like crazy and then have to shell of employees as high as 30% of their company all at once. That should be taken care of by planning and organising all the way from the start.

And this post is inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s idea. I thank him for that.

Till then, stay inspired!

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