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Top 10 Startups in India 2019 by Startup Archive

Top 10 Startups in India making a Difference in 2019

Prologue This is a list of Top 10 Startups in India that are making a difference in the Indian Startup Ecosystem in 2019.These startups are disrupting many industries like food-tech, ed-tech, fin-tech, travel & tourism, hospitality, etc. You’ll notice that in the following list, every

Tenacity Skill for Entrepreneurs - Startup Archive

The Single Most Important Skill for Entrepreneurs

Good Morning Entrepreneurs! Skills For Entrepreneurs Series – #1 Entrepreneurs being Independent and carrying high expectations need a set of skills in order to reach their goals. Being one of the most Skill Extensive Career out there, it certainly requires a bit of work to

Do What you Love

Do What You Love – Inspiration

Hello, Entrepreneurs! This time I am sharing with you a very important advice. So it goes that do what you love and not what you want to Manifest others. Some of you may be better doing History than showing others your Science or Economic Spoofs.

Whatsapp Success Story

Whatsapp Co-Founder Jan Koum Success Story

Whatsapp is probably the largest messaging platform in the world was started with a dream in mind. A perspective that its founders, namely, Jan Koum and Brian Acton had. Jan Koum is a truly inspirational success story. From food stamps in teen life to doing